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Test. An organization often needs to provide distributed services for people outside of their corporate networks. This is common in hotels, banks, restaurants, and even for remote field sites where it is desired to provide internet and entertainment to the workers there while not degrading the system for operational requirements.

Iridium Solutions has extensive experience in this area, with successful implementations of internet and television services for camps of over 1000 persons. We use hotspot systems for internet that are completely independent of the corporate LAN, along with advanced IPTV solutions that allow for quality, cost effective television service distribution that provide useful features such as custom information channels.

These solutions can either be set up and paid directly by the host organization, or deployed in such a way that the individual users pay for the services the desire and the organization turns an expense into a profit source.

Cloud management and payment solutions make the integration of these systems easy to operate and manage. As with all of our services, our Network Operations Center remains at the organization’s disposal during contract terms.