Support Services

Support may be the most critical ingredient for any IT solution.

Iridium Solutions understands this and we continually invest in our support infrastructure to ensure that we have the right manpower for and skillsets available for our clients when they need us.

We maintain a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center which proactively monitors the status of all of the links that are under our management.

In addition, we have various levels of Service Level Agreements (SLA) available to our customers depending on their business needs.

For customers in remote areas, we offer dedicated support technicians who will stay at their location and be on hand to maintain and support their infrastructure, as well as be available for their employees on site.

These positions are managed and scheduled by our adminstrators in accordance with an organizations policies for time on site and leave.

All of our field technicians are highly trained both in the appropriate IT fields, along with extra instruction on topics such as Health and Safety in order to keep in compliance with the international standards our clients adhere to.

We Take Care of Your Technology

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