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Why an integrated, platform approach to networks security prevents threats

Most organisations react to cyber security concerns by deploying new tools. Having as many as 85 tools from 45 vendors is not unheard of. This creates an unintegrated series of deployments that increase complexity, reduce control and create gaps in your network security. This leads to a dependence on manual processes, specialised tools and little cooperation between functions

Palo Alto Networks employs natively integrated defensive technologies to prevent all attacks, even those seen for the first time which:

  • Protects users, applications and content.
  • Increases your organisation’s ability to see all network traffic
  • Establishes positive controls for applications and users in line with business needs
  • Automatically blocks all known cyber threats while establishing a highly automated system for quickly analysing and distributing new defenses as unknown cyber threats are detected.

The Palo Alto Networks next generation security platform approach has three core elements:

  • Next Generation Firewall which inspects all traffic, blocks known threats and is extensible to mobile and virtual networks
  • Next Generation End Point protection (Traps and Global Protect) which inspects all processes and files, prevents known and unknown exploits and integrates with the cloud to prevent known and unknown Malware.
  • Threat intelligent cloud (Wildfire) which gathers potential threats from the network and endpoints, analyses and correlates that intelligence (AutoFocus) and provides actionable data quickly.

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