Quick-Deploy IT Containers

This solution is custom designed to provide everything required for remote deployment of a complete communications suite to remote camps.

All that is required is a place for the container, along with power and water connections. The rest is self-contained and includes everything that is needed for communications in a fully redundant system.

The quick-deploy IT container has 2 separate VSAT systems operating in a failover configuration with different satellites to alleviate the frequent weather outages that are common for this technology.

Well engineered technology is great until you need an engineer to fix it. The quick-deploy IT container is deployed with a full time technician to manage and maintain the system. The technician is also available to the users to assist with their day to day IT issues, providing increased productivity.

1. Primary VSAT – C-Band, high capacity. Up to 20 Mbps download speeds available.

2. Secondary VSAT – Ku Band backup. Up to 4Mbps on backup link, bandwidth available when needed.

3. Robust network setup with Router, Firewall, Packet Shaper, Link Balancer, File Server, and Switches.

4. Highly engineered infrastructure with redundant power and cooling, sealed server room, environmental monitoring, and voltage regulation with grounding.

5. High quality wired Ethernet distribution with PoE.

6. Wireless distribution system for reaching line of sight areas out of reach of the wired network.

7. Fully functional VoIP system with IP telephones, extension to extension calling, GSM capabilities, and SIP trunking for clear calls to the outside world.

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