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Blog. Iridium Solutions offers a comprehensive range of Data Center Infrastructure products:

racks, cabinets, aisle containment, rack and in-row cooling, access control, CCTV, cable management and power management products.

Our data center infrastructure solutions are based on standard designs meeting up to Tier 3 specifications– tailored to meet your specific data center requirements.

Systems include:

1. 19” racks, server and networking cabinets.

2. Raised flooring.

3. Colocation cabinets with protected cable channels.

4. Aisle containment systems for efficient thermal management.

5. In-row and in-rack cooling systems.

6. PDUs and iPDUs for power management and datacenter monitoring.

7. Data Center UPS.

8. Comprehensive range of cable management and installation accessories.

9. Environmental monitoring and control.

10. Physical Access Control systems / monitoring.

11. CCTV security.