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Blog Test. An environmentally friendly clean agent system, and the solution of choice for protecting people and high value assets.

1. NOVEC fire suppression system from LPG/Tyco UK conforms to NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520-9 UL (USA) listed.

2. The system consists of modular cylinder located inside each room filled with NOVEC agent discharging to the enclosed space.

3. Other features : Pressure gauge and low pressure switch on each cylinder to monitor internal cylinder pressure.

4. Agent cylinders, actuators, gas nozzles, valves and accessories are according to NFPA 12 and 2001 Standard Fire Extinguishing Systems.

5. Detection equipment including FACP (3-zones), two optical smoke detectors, one sounder, one sounder/beacon, one manual release and one Abort station.